Hometown Stony Plain, AB  / Born September  1989  Photo Credit: Tara Meinczinger

Hometown Stony Plain, AB  / Born September  1989

Photo Credit: Tara Meinczinger

Hello there,

For myself Photography has always been something growing up that just drew me in. I can remember being younger and looking through old National Geographics and spending hours just looking at the photographs. Not reading the articles but just looking through those small moments captured on film and letting my imagination take me to those far off places. It's amazing how powerful  such a thing as simple as a photograph can be, so much emotion, so much of a story that can be captured with just a click of a shutter. I know that not everyone is swayed as much as others by a powerful photograph, and I know for myself I sound like a stupid school girl going on about her first crush. Over the years as I grew older I began to fall out of love with that crush as things took my attention to other directions and it kinda fell to the wayside for a time. Then a summer a little ways back in 2012 something drew me back in and I bought myself my first camera and I was that little school girl all over again. Since then I've been growing as a photographer every time I go out to shoot. I am quite proud of how far I've come thus far just from simply teaching myself through books, YouTube clips, and simple old fashioned trial and error.

I may not ever reach the level of emotion or story telling as some of those photographers from the National Geographic pages of my childhood like Steve McCurry and his photo of the "Afghan Girl" or Paul Nicklen's wildlife photography, but it never hurts to strive for greatness. If there are any photographers out there I would love your honest and hard opinions on some of my work to help me grow and improve my photography, If you have the time I would love to hear from you. And if you are looking for someone with a camera to take some photos I'm always happy and willing to help.

Thank you for reading,

Tye E.