And they call the thing Rodeo / by Tye Eldridge

Giving Chase

Growing up in Stony Plain there was not always a whole lot to do, as many of you from other smallish communities can probably relate to. Though every summer it seemed like the town would come semi alive when Farmers' Days came around (mostly for alcohol related reasons) with a parade, exhibition rides, rodeo, and beer. This year I missed out on the parade and everything else but got to see the final day of the Farmers' Day Kinsmen Rodeo. I had been looking forward to taking my camera out to the Rodeo for months! Shooting this was probably the funnest time I've had photographing. I hadn't even realized how many photos I had taken until I received an error message that my memory card was full. I hope next year that I can go out and shoot for all three days of the Rodeo.

Maybe next time you get 8 seconds

One hell of a wild ride