Alley Ways and Bridges / by Tye Eldridge

So fairly recently I had signed up for a site called Model Mayhem. I had heard about the site a few times and decided to take a look into it. I must say it’s a nice little community which helps photographers, models, and other such folk connect through the wonders of the internet. What drew me in was the opportunity to find some willing people that wouldn’t mind me sticking a camera in there face for an hour or two taking photographs. One such person was a very nice young lady named Alexandra who like me was fairly new to the site (You can find her portfolio here) So a few messages back and forth a date was set for the shoot which would take us through the downtown area of Edmonton for a bit more of a “grungier” feel. So after taking a day scouring through Edmonton hopping around alley to alley, graffiti laden wall to bridge I found a few nice locations and sent some location photos off to Alexandra for her approval.

Lookin Up

Up on the Rails

 A couple days later after a quick cup of coffee it was time to shoot. Once again being a new photographer to a structured style of shooting it felt a bit odd, but my recommendation to anyone in a similar situation is relax and have fun just wing it! The worst thing you could do is panic soooo don’t worry about the small things just focus on the basics and work with the mode; show them the photos as you go get there feedback and by far the worst case scenario  that can happen is that you find out what NOT to do next time. Luckily things seemed to click a bit more than a disaster shoot and instead of learning more of what “not” to do next time I got to learn what to do “more” of the next time.


If anyone is in the Edmonton Alberta area and would be interested in going out for a coffee and some photos please send me an email! As much as I love taking those little candid shots of moments passing by me I’m beginning to fall in love with this style of portrait photography.  I promise we’ll have some fun, and hey at the worst coffee is on me.

Tye Eldridge