Chasing a Little Light / by Tye Eldridge

Had the pleasure of working with this guy for the past while before he up and decided to take on something new and move on to a new job. Quite a ways back he had asked about getting some photos taken, at the time it was right in the middle of when I was packing up and moving to my new place downtown so my free time was sort of lacking (I did not realize how much crap I had!). But finally had the chance to get this guy out and take some photos one evening. We ended up going for a quick jaunt down Jasper ave. to chase some light around which was bouncing off and all around the office buildings in Edmonton's downtown core. He was a great sport being a guinea pig as I messed around with the angles and shadows. 

I would just like to to say it was a pleasure working with you Vikas. Definitely wish you all the best of luck in your new career.

Tye Eldridge

p.s. Thanks for the wine!