Two Sisters / by Tye Eldridge

 One thing I love about my day job is I get to meet some amazing people that I work with. These two ladies were no exception; Franceska and her sister Rebecca are two of the awesomest ladies I've met, though they do seem to have issues distinguishing a corn field from a wheat field... somehow. 

So when we ended up picking out a day which we were all free we were all hopping for a nice clear sunny day, Mother Nature however definitely had something else in mind. As we all hopped into a vehicle and made our way to St. Albert (with some questionable driving skills from a certain someone who I shall not name) the day at this point had been a fairly bland cloudy gray sky. Don't get me wrong sometimes a cloudy day is a beauty of a day to shoot in since you get some incredibly diffused light rather then sharp shadows but I think we all had something else in mind for the day's shoot. Though like I said Mother Nature had her own opinion on how the evening would go.

As I started to take my first few photographs the clouds began to part a bit casting down some beautiful light down onto the ladies and wheat field. It then started to rain just a tad, but that little tad of rain was enough to cast a half rainbow across the sky. I got to photograph these ladies with a FREAKING rainbow and field as a backdrop!

After the rainbow and wheat field I got to meet the lady of the night Stella, their wonderfully amazing family dog (who has something against other dogs, cows, or hay bales that may possibly look like cows) We let her romp through some overgrown grass for a few quick photos. Then we were off to our final location that Rebecca and Franceska had picked out, which may have been my favorite part of the evening.




Mother Nature had not forgotten about us either, she blew in some dark menacing thunder clouds rolling over alfalfa fields. It turned into probably one of the most amazing natural lighting situations I've photographed in yet. It was amazing how the dynamic of the photos completely and organically changed due to something not even remotely in our control, we went from a mostly very happy and carefree look in the bright look back in the wheat  fields to a moody, and almost daunting feel to the photos with the looming storm overhead. As I began taking some photos lightning started to flash but of course I'm never that lucky to get a shot like that, though I was happy to settle for at lest the rainbow from earlier in the evening.

At the end of it all it was an absolutely amazing experience to go out and photograph that day especially with those two beautiful sisters.   


I can't begin to thank these ladies enough for the wonderful time. As well as Mother Nature for throwing in her own little wonderful curve into the initial plans. Thanks again Franceska, Rebecca, and Stella! Hope to photograph you again soon.

Tye Eldridge