Winter / by Tye Eldridge


So this winter I've been really wanting to do some photography here in Edmonton during a snowfall. I must say mother nature has not been at all cooperative as the only days it's really been snowing I've been stuck at work. Since wanting to do a shoot in the snow is kind of an impromptu sort of shoot seeing as both myself and at least one lovely human being there to photograph need to happen to be free while the snow is coming down. So I started asking around and created a contact sheet of everyone who would be interested on going out on the fateful day I do finally catch that all elusive snow day. On one of the all to many non-snowy days I had some time to kill at the mall before work, so I decided it was as good as time as any to pick up some more Polaroid film. I ended up stopping by the camera store and several minutes later I walked out of the store without any film whatsoever but instead walked out with a shiny new 50mm lens. 

So as a couple days passed I figured enough was enough and I was going to go out and shoot... snowfall be damned! I was way to excited to really test out the lens, so I went through my "Snowy Day" contact list and asked a couple of lovely ladies that I work with if they were free to go out for some photos. So on a near cloudless absolutely unsnowy day we all met up for some wintery themed photos. 

This photo of Amanda was up on the High Level bridge where she insisted on going jacketless. (you may have already read this story in a previous post) It ended up being possibly my favorite from the shoot, in a large part just to the fun I had in working on the image afterwards. As I was working away on the photo and tweaking the colours around trying to get it just right I had a moment where I thought to myself "I wonder how this would look in black and white?". As I removed the colour from the photograph I immediately got excited, it looked amazing! After a quick brightening of the highlights and and a little tweaking to get a little deeper blacks I was finished and more then happy with the final product. And Luckily she didn't catch a cold! 


(And the colour version isn't to shabby either)


So going back to the whole "I really want to do a shoot in the snow" thing... we decided to fake it a bit. I had Amanda jumping around and tossing snow up in the air over Joell as I photographed away. The results ended up quite lovely with the snow sparkling in the bright sunlight. So I suppose this will have to be good enough for now until I finally get a real day to play around in the snow.

Tye Eldridge