Railtown Park / by Tye Eldridge


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to photograph Railtown Park, a local Edmonton band filled with some wonderful people (Scroll down to the bottom of this post and hit play to listen, also check their Facebook)

The night prior to the shoot I was contacted by Jackie from Railtown Park who was wondering if I was available for an impromptu shoot. Shooting something like this was something completely new to me, all of my photography at this point had been candid moments which I’ve happened (on purpose or coincidentally) to have a camera with me to capture a photo or two.  So pretty much not going to lie... I was terrified going into this. If I had more time to research going into a shoot like this I would have felt a million times more confident but a busy night and morning the day after kept me to occupied. The day came up and with nothing more than a few Google image searches to see other photographer's work as a frame of reference and that was that I had to go for it.

Arriving at the location the sun was beautiful, but sadly it ended up disappearing behind clouds pretty shortly after starting. Right from the get go I must say it was a complete blessing Jackie had done photo work prior to this, she took charge and started setting up the group for their photos but soon everyone was pitching their ideas and things began to come together. With the lull between setups I was able to get in some of my normal shots and snapped of a couple of more candid photos which a few became some of my favorites from the evening. As time progressed I began to feel more comfortable and confident working on this style of photography. As the evening came to a close I had a lot of work to do in Lightroom since the deadline to finish was the very next day. I was very shocked how quickly 3:30am sprung up on me, but I was done and more then ready for bed. 

Looking back at the photos as I worked on them in Lightroom there were a lot of things I wished I had tried or had done differently, but for a first attempt into this style of photography I am happy with the results. I hope I have another chance to photograph these fine folk again since I know I can deliver much better now that I've learnt a thing or two. It's amazing how after testing the waters by taking that first little dip of the toes into something new you feel like you can swim across an ocean (Well not really, more like the kiddy pool but that sounds less epic) 

I just want to give one last Thank You to Jackie, Chad, James, and Trevor of Railtown Park for the opportunity. 

Tye Eldridge