A Portrait A Week Project / by Tye Eldridge

Jessica - Taken with a Fuji x100s

So for the longest time I was trying to think of a photo project to start working on to help improve my photography and experiment a bit. The first project I kicked around my head for a bit was doing a photo a day project. I've seen some amazing photographers part take in that challenge and am completely amazed with some of the work they had created... but when it comes down to it there is a lot of days I simply don't have the time to search for a photo worth taking (and also I will admit I'm sure there would be days I would just be to lazy). So then I began thinking about maybe just dropping it to a photo a week which is more then doable, laziness and busy life be damned! But in the end I figured if it was simply going to be a single photo a week why not make it a more structured theme, portraiture became a natural fit for this personal project. In my opinion portraiture is one of the most powerful types of photography out there. It is amazing how much emotion and personality can be captured in just a single photograph. Taking those photos is something I've sadly lacked experience with, and I've been wanting to change that fact for quite some time now. Hopefully this little personal project will finally push me in the right direction to get started. 

Tye Eldridge