International Underground Meet Day / by Tye Eldridge

Down the Platform / Canon 7d

Today I ventured out into the City’s Transit System for the first ever International Underground Meet Day (check Instagram for #IUMD or #IUMD_Edmonton  for the Edmonton edition).  The Underground Meet was promoted by a fella down in NYC, Clifton aka Underground_NYC on Instagram; you need to check out his work! As the event was floating around the Instagram community Chris Anderson a local Edmonton photographer caught wind of the event and threw the idea out there for the Edmonton community to partake. I was lucky enough to hear about it through the InstagramYEG group and was more than happy to jump on the opportunity.

Looking In / Canon 7d

Waiting For That Sunday Train... / Canon 7d

Well that Mirror added another 40lbs  / Canon 7d

Kalan (@freyrtography) setting up the group shot just before ETS inspectors came around the corner / Fuji x100s

As my train rolled into Churchill Station I met some familiar faces and some new ones as everyone began to arrive for the photo walk.  Soon we were back on the LRT traveling down the line stopping off station to station as we took photos, joked, and chatted amongst one another.  After taking a quick break and heading back North up the LRT line we jumped off to get a nice group shot of everyone who made it for the meet. This is where ran into our first and only hiccup… It seems ETS isn’t too keen on people approaching anywhere near the back access gates for the tunnels, or standing a tad bit too close to the platform edge to get a nice photo of a passing train (which I suppose is more than reasonable). Luckily we were all done for the day and just waiting for the next train so we could find ourselves food and beer, which the transit inspector was nice enough to let us catch and be on our way.  As we emerged out from the depths of the Edmonton Transit System into the sun I was happy to say we all made it out with no broken cameras or lenses, lost camera bags, or any form of trespassing / fare evasion tickets.

Arrival and Departure / Canon 7d

Thank you to the photographers that made this day happen, also thank you to the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Transit System for allowing us to go about taking our photos

Tye Eldridge