A Tiny Photo Adventure / by Tye Eldridge

I know some photographers and others have something against Instagram for one reason or another, and yes I'll admit there is an insane amount of "selfies" and pictures of people's lunch (I have nothing against actually well done photographs of food or actual self portraits, but sorry ladies if there is a duckface in it I will be shaking my head in shame on your behalf) but I absolutely love Instagram and it's community. It has some amazing photographers, and wonderfully supportive people that frequent the social network. One fella that falls into both those categories would be Mat Simpson (check out his Instagram here).


After one of my photos was featured on Edmonton's tourism account ExploreEdmonton which I think is how he stumbled on my feed we shared some comments back and forth through Instagram and he threw the idea out there to meet up and go take some photos. Seeing some of this fella's work I was more then excited to meet up. After our failed adventure to find that cool circular parking garage downtown which we now know is near the City Center Mall we ended up making our way to the river valley and back up downtown for a beer.  Along the way we definitely grabbed some photos, I also nagged him with questions about his photography which I must say I did end up getting some amazing insight into a thing or two. It's always an awesome day when you make a new photography friend.


 If anyone in or around the Edmonton area would like to go out for some exploring and a little photo taking I would love to hear from you! I definitely would like to go for a trip out to the Rockies with some fellow photographers in the near future. And if anyone is on Instagram or wanting to start an account you can find me simply at Tye_ , Happy Gramming! 

Tye Eldridge