March for Palestine (Edmonton) Demonstration / by Tye Eldridge

I would just like to start this post here saying I am writing this neither for or against any side of the conflict. I believe there is a side to every story and I will admit over the years I've been unfortunately ignorant of either side and absolutely know to little for myself to hold one opinion or another.

What I do know is that it is reported that there has been over 1500 deaths in the conflict, the vast majority of those killed being civilians. Regardless if it's an Israeli or Palestinian, man, woman, or child; a single innocent death is a death to many. There is hope though, thankfully there has been an ongoing unconditional 72-hour ceasefire with more talks to be held in Cairo tomorrow for what I'm sure most of the world hopes is a more permanent situation.  

Yesterday I was wondering around I found myself down at Churchill Square in Edmonton where there was a rally and march being held in support of Palestine. There were hundreds from the Palestinian community and other Edmontonians there to show their support to the ending of the conflict. I ended up deciding to follow the march along the streets to document the rally as they made their way through Edmonton's Downtown. 

My thoughts  go out to everyone caught in this conflict. I couldn't imagine being caught in something such as that, living in such fear and grief as many in Gaza are today. I'm amazingly fortunate to be able to call Canada home.

Tye Eldridge