Portrait (Week #16x2) / by Tye Eldridge

So ended up on another mini photo adventure with an instagram buddy Mat Simpson (good o'l instagram) who is an amazingly talented photographer.

The night started off with us finally getting to that parking garage we had completely failed to find on first outing (read about it here), then soon there after a stop to the liquor store for a couple bottles of AMAZING pumpkin beer before heading to the river valley to drink the delicious contents of the bottle and catch some photos before the sun set. And when the lights did go down it was off to Wunderbar for more beer and Dr. Jokes. So all in and all it was a pretty dang awesome night out.



ps. I decided to add two photos on this post since.... 

a) Couldn't decide which one

b) I missed posting something on week #14


Tye Eldridge