Portrait (Week #19) by Tye Eldridge

So it appears I have a little bit of a Black & White theme going for my portrait selections these past few weeks, I will have to mix it up with some colour I think pretty soon! Here is a nice little shot of an awesome couple I had the pleasure of photographing for some engagement photos earlier this autumn. 

Tye Eldridge

One Autumn Morning by Tye Eldridge

Went out for another mini photo adventure with Rebecca one early morning. This time it was down into the Edmonton River Valley for some photos. As a photographer in Edmonton this is one of my favorite locations to shoot in, and for obvious reasons! It's a beautiful location which spans out through kilometers of trails along the North Saskatchewan. This morning was especially beautiful with the autumn colours starting to poke through. Though I think the majority of time wasn't spent taking photographs but trying to get Rebecca to walk down off the trail to the river's edge. The way she was going about making her way down she seemed as if she was navigating a narrow cliff face that surely with only a single misplaced step she would come tumbling down to her death smashed on jagged rocks bellow..... but in reality it was about a two foot drop and a little dirt on the bottom.

Tye Eldridge

Portrait (Week #16x2) by Tye Eldridge

So ended up on another mini photo adventure with an instagram buddy Mat Simpson (good o'l instagram) who is an amazingly talented photographer.

The night started off with us finally getting to that parking garage we had completely failed to find on first outing (read about it here), then soon there after a stop to the liquor store for a couple bottles of AMAZING pumpkin beer before heading to the river valley to drink the delicious contents of the bottle and catch some photos before the sun set. And when the lights did go down it was off to Wunderbar for more beer and Dr. Jokes. So all in and all it was a pretty dang awesome night out.



ps. I decided to add two photos on this post since.... 

a) Couldn't decide which one

b) I missed posting something on week #14


Tye Eldridge

Two Sisters by Tye Eldridge

 One thing I love about my day job is I get to meet some amazing people that I work with. These two ladies were no exception; Franceska and her sister Rebecca are two of the awesomest ladies I've met, though they do seem to have issues distinguishing a corn field from a wheat field... somehow. 

So when we ended up picking out a day which we were all free we were all hopping for a nice clear sunny day, Mother Nature however definitely had something else in mind. As we all hopped into a vehicle and made our way to St. Albert (with some questionable driving skills from a certain someone who I shall not name) the day at this point had been a fairly bland cloudy gray sky. Don't get me wrong sometimes a cloudy day is a beauty of a day to shoot in since you get some incredibly diffused light rather then sharp shadows but I think we all had something else in mind for the day's shoot. Though like I said Mother Nature had her own opinion on how the evening would go.

As I started to take my first few photographs the clouds began to part a bit casting down some beautiful light down onto the ladies and wheat field. It then started to rain just a tad, but that little tad of rain was enough to cast a half rainbow across the sky. I got to photograph these ladies with a FREAKING rainbow and field as a backdrop!

After the rainbow and wheat field I got to meet the lady of the night Stella, their wonderfully amazing family dog (who has something against other dogs, cows, or hay bales that may possibly look like cows) We let her romp through some overgrown grass for a few quick photos. Then we were off to our final location that Rebecca and Franceska had picked out, which may have been my favorite part of the evening.




Mother Nature had not forgotten about us either, she blew in some dark menacing thunder clouds rolling over alfalfa fields. It turned into probably one of the most amazing natural lighting situations I've photographed in yet. It was amazing how the dynamic of the photos completely and organically changed due to something not even remotely in our control, we went from a mostly very happy and carefree look in the bright look back in the wheat  fields to a moody, and almost daunting feel to the photos with the looming storm overhead. As I began taking some photos lightning started to flash but of course I'm never that lucky to get a shot like that, though I was happy to settle for at lest the rainbow from earlier in the evening.

At the end of it all it was an absolutely amazing experience to go out and photograph that day especially with those two beautiful sisters.   


I can't begin to thank these ladies enough for the wonderful time. As well as Mother Nature for throwing in her own little wonderful curve into the initial plans. Thanks again Franceska, Rebecca, and Stella! Hope to photograph you again soon.

Tye Eldridge


A Little Art In The River Valley by Tye Eldridge


So I met this amazing lady  Hayley Wright when I started my new job a little over a year ago, she is someone with a huge heart and is also an absolutely stunning artist.

She may be a little too fond of cats and a tad to accident prone to be considered normal, but she makes up for it with her shockingly beautiful artwork ( find it here ). Originally from Toronto, then a stint in Vancouver, she is now here in Edmonton. While living here in good o’l YEG her Fashion Illustration has been showcased in articles in the Edmonton Journal, magazines, as well as other publications. 

When she asked me to take some photographs for her new website I absolutely jumped on the opportunity, after all I needed a logo or two and figured I’d sucker her in to trading some photos for some of her crazy amazing art talent. In the end she did not disappoint! I now have a beautiful logo and even one for my facebook page. 

My Pretty New Logo

My Pretty New Logo

Facebook Page Logo

Facebook Page Logo

In normal Hayley fashion she was definitely a little late for the scheduled shoot. Though she had her makeup artist Ashley Habjan’s parallel parking skills to blame for that one, supposedly she can park just fine… but just when no one is looking. For the shoot we ended up alongside Edmonton’s river valley and were able to catch some amazing light, which as a photographer was a dream to shoot in. 


This was definitely one of those shoots that just fell together so well as we went about spot to spot as I clicked away with my camera as the light was shining down through the sky beautifully, and Ashley made her extra pretty with her makeup skills. 

If anyone is looking for an absolutely gorgeous piece of art work for their home or office, Or if you're looking for a commissioned piece I highly recommend Hayley's work at Paper + Ink

If looking for a make up artist for Weddings, Grads, or Fashion event you can contact Ashley Habjan via email (AshleyHabjan@hotmail.com) or visit her Facebook page (here)

Tye Eldridge

Portrait (Week #13) by Tye Eldridge

Sooo I think I may have had probably had one of the best and most amazing shoots I've ever had with these two lovely ladies. This photo here was near the end of the shoot when storm clouds began rolling in. Before that we had beautiful sunlight shining down, a little rain, and a FREAKING rainbow all in this single shoot. I couldn't ask for a better day or a more enjoyable time photographing these two amazing sisters. I can't wait to share some of my favorite photographs from the day on my blog!

Tye Eldridge

Portrait (Week #12) by Tye Eldridge

I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Hayley Wright down near the Edmonton River Valley this weekend. She is by far one of the most talented artists that I know (see her work here)


I will definitely excited to write  a blog post and share some of my other favorite photographs from the shoot. 

Tye Eldridge

Portrait (Week #9, #10, #11) by Tye Eldridge

Soooooo.... I kinda blew it the past few weeks on this portrait project. This last little while has been pretty hectic. I had a week of vacation time coming up so I was madly trying to research, purchase equipment, and pack for the trip. Then had to cut the trip short because of a pretty crappy thing had happened. So that's my excuse and sticking to it, and now I'm gonna cheat and post animal portraits! 


Hopefully I'll get this portrait thing back on track...

Tye Eldridge

March for Palestine (Edmonton) Demonstration by Tye Eldridge

I would just like to start this post here saying I am writing this neither for or against any side of the conflict. I believe there is a side to every story and I will admit over the years I've been unfortunately ignorant of either side and absolutely know to little for myself to hold one opinion or another.

What I do know is that it is reported that there has been over 1500 deaths in the conflict, the vast majority of those killed being civilians. Regardless if it's an Israeli or Palestinian, man, woman, or child; a single innocent death is a death to many. There is hope though, thankfully there has been an ongoing unconditional 72-hour ceasefire with more talks to be held in Cairo tomorrow for what I'm sure most of the world hopes is a more permanent situation.  

Yesterday I was wondering around I found myself down at Churchill Square in Edmonton where there was a rally and march being held in support of Palestine. There were hundreds from the Palestinian community and other Edmontonians there to show their support to the ending of the conflict. I ended up deciding to follow the march along the streets to document the rally as they made their way through Edmonton's Downtown. 

My thoughts  go out to everyone caught in this conflict. I couldn't imagine being caught in something such as that, living in such fear and grief as many in Gaza are today. I'm amazingly fortunate to be able to call Canada home.

Tye Eldridge

A Tiny Photo Adventure by Tye Eldridge

I know some photographers and others have something against Instagram for one reason or another, and yes I'll admit there is an insane amount of "selfies" and pictures of people's lunch (I have nothing against actually well done photographs of food or actual self portraits, but sorry ladies if there is a duckface in it I will be shaking my head in shame on your behalf) but I absolutely love Instagram and it's community. It has some amazing photographers, and wonderfully supportive people that frequent the social network. One fella that falls into both those categories would be Mat Simpson (check out his Instagram here).


After one of my photos was featured on Edmonton's tourism account ExploreEdmonton which I think is how he stumbled on my feed we shared some comments back and forth through Instagram and he threw the idea out there to meet up and go take some photos. Seeing some of this fella's work I was more then excited to meet up. After our failed adventure to find that cool circular parking garage downtown which we now know is near the City Center Mall we ended up making our way to the river valley and back up downtown for a beer.  Along the way we definitely grabbed some photos, I also nagged him with questions about his photography which I must say I did end up getting some amazing insight into a thing or two. It's always an awesome day when you make a new photography friend.


 If anyone in or around the Edmonton area would like to go out for some exploring and a little photo taking I would love to hear from you! I definitely would like to go for a trip out to the Rockies with some fellow photographers in the near future. And if anyone is on Instagram or wanting to start an account you can find me simply at Tye_ , Happy Gramming! 

Tye Eldridge

Portrait (Week #8) by Tye Eldridge


Went horseback riding at my folks place for the first time in a very long time with this lovely lady, and I can't wait to go out again! I wish I had composed this shot a little better but shooting pictures on horseback is something I will have to get used to, though lacking in composition you can't beat the setting.

Tye Eldridge

Chasing a Little Light by Tye Eldridge

Had the pleasure of working with this guy for the past while before he up and decided to take on something new and move on to a new job. Quite a ways back he had asked about getting some photos taken, at the time it was right in the middle of when I was packing up and moving to my new place downtown so my free time was sort of lacking (I did not realize how much crap I had!). But finally had the chance to get this guy out and take some photos one evening. We ended up going for a quick jaunt down Jasper ave. to chase some light around which was bouncing off and all around the office buildings in Edmonton's downtown core. He was a great sport being a guinea pig as I messed around with the angles and shadows. 

I would just like to to say it was a pleasure working with you Vikas. Definitely wish you all the best of luck in your new career.

Tye Eldridge

p.s. Thanks for the wine!